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2022 has been the year things have really started to move for yellowroots. Playlisting on national radio, gigs all over the country and a steady growing fanbase lays a great foundation for the time ahead.


Despite just finishing high school, yellowroots have been a band since 2017. Their music is guitar based and energetic, and they have a big hunch for great pop melodies, This led to their single «Ung / rå» being rotated on playlisted radio P3 and named as «best right now» by the very same outlet. It was also played by P3 in Sweden! Together, lead singers Torvald and Tale make a unique vocal sound, where their voices melting together like they were siblings. They are known for blending punk and rock with more modern pop-elements, having fun and breaking rules on the way.


«Få meg på sporet igjen» (get me back on track) has - hands down - one of the catchiest choruses you’re going to hear this year. The energy coming out of this track is a rarity, and takes the yellowroots’ sound a step further. If you’re into guitars and good choruses, you do not want to miss out on this one. It’s a happy song, yet it might leave you with a slightly sad feeling - much like summers coming to an end often do. Luckily, this summer has just started, and this might be the soundtrack. Out everywhere June 3rd. 

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