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Skov took off into space in 2018 to become the house band of your local intergalactical dive bar. With a hunch for guitar driven indie anthems, playful live shows, and melancholic introspective lyrics, the Oslo collective quickly gained a local following. After steadily selling out bigger venues and being dubbed “the friend group that keeps growing”, the band hit their highest point so far by selling out renowned Oslo stage Rockefeller in summer 2020 and consecutively signing with Rohdos records.


“The boys dance around us and each other as if we were at a houseparty. The audience joins in, and for a little while we all forget about the restrictions.” - Fride Selnes Jensen, Universitas


Two exploratory singles (Alt er forskjellig, En fyr å gå lei) and three packed concerts (Blå, John Dee, Samfundet) later, Skov now find themselves finalizing their sophomore album with producer Andreas Heinesen Kase. The album is planned for release this autumn with tour starting in september.


On Friday april 8th the group release their third single from the upcoming album. Frusere (Norwegian slang for sparkler fireworks) describes an exploding relationship with the end in sight. Mario Kart, Daft Punk and Future Islands are key references, and if you listen closely you can hear a lonely woodblock at the end of the tunnel.

“This is the soundtrack of a romantic road trip on Rainbow Road, describing a couple knowing well that in two laps the track will be over, the finish line crossed, - and they will float away from each other into space.”


The single is produced and mixed by Andreas Heinesen Kase. Mastered by Magnus Gulbrandsen. Artwork by Petter Wang, Jonas Vetlesen and Axel Berggraf Egenæs. Photos by Lars Fredrik.

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