The Pinkertons

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To place The Pinkertons in one specific genre is a difficult task. They get their inspiration from rock, synth pop and spagetti westerns from the 60s and up until today - but doesn’t sound entirely like any of it.  What’s certain however, is that they have truly found their own sound on their forthcoming album. It sounds truly dynamic, from big and powerful to tiny and whispering, and it is brilliant pop music in every way.


Now fully in charge of the recording and productions themselves, The Pinkertons are eager to show their new material, as they, armed with big dreams and shameless pop nostalgia, take on the daily life in a world bound for disaster. The new album is, according to the band themselves, «filled with unrealistic dreams and paranoid romance». That might very well be the case, but, those two things have never sounded as good as in this case. 

The Pinkertons formed back in 2012 and were immediately recognized as a highly energetic live act. Their audience grew, and a series of live shows evolving from small local clubs to major festival such as Øya and Slottsfjell sat the scene for their 2015 self titled debut album. This critically acclaimed release also paved way for their first European tour in 2016.

Since 2017 they have been working on new material in their own recording studio, and the results are here: The Pinkertons’ second album «Poor Pretty Poet/Pretty Poor Poet» is out now - order here!