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Grabbing elements from psych, oriental tone languages and slacker rock, Wingdings somehow manage to combine strange and creative songwriting with an irresistibly catchy sound. This makes the young experimental trio, consisting of Jenny, Eirik and Teodor, one of the most exciting new acts emerging out of Oslo. Imagine Pom Poko in a hot tub with Mac deMarco’s pedal board - something is bound to catch fire.

Currently functioning as co-songwriters and backing band for soul-queen rising star Kamara as well as internationally acclaimed rapper Pasha, Wingdings are ready to open their bottom drawer for the world and reveal what their arts & craft is all about.

Their self titled debut ep met critical praise and gained them a lot of attention in 2019, both in the press and through gigs. In february 2020 they released the psych-bop "Sun", a highly energetic tune showing the signs of what to come. 

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