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Caterina Eliza

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Even though Caterina Eliza is a new acquaintance for most, she’s got things going on for quite some time. Her voice is known from big TV commercials, and she made big impressions in venues in- and outside of Oslo before the shutdown. This includes a memorable performance at Sørveiv (music industry conference & festival), of which Caterina and her band became one of the main talking points.













The Oslo based artist is ready for the next step with her new single 'I Can Get Up Now’. The song is energetic and super catchy even though it has a dark theme lyrics-wise. A big 80’s-inspired production and a melody full of hope creates a backdrop for the story about a friend who passed away to early.


Caterina Eliza is an artist of contrasts. Her voice contains an almost endless amount of soul, and could very well have been from a distant decade. Even so, it fits perfectly with the sound of 2021. She makes the music she wants to make, and takes part in the whole process from songwriting to release. Any less than that would be unacceptable. 

'I Can Get Up Now' is out now!

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