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yellowroots - Ung / Rå

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Despite just finishing high school, yellowroots have been a band since 2017. They started to write their own music in 2018, and have already performed at credible stages and gotten mentions in big publications in Norway. Their music is guitar based and energetic, and they have a big hunch for great pop melodies. 


Together, lead singers Torvald and Tale make a unique vocal sound, where their voices enforce one another without sounding «duetish». Now everything is set for their first Rohdos Records release: With the self explaining title «Ung / Rå» (Young / Awesome) they are ready to enter the playlists of the 2021 summer.


«Being young and awesome is something special. It’s about jumping into the unknown, and go all the way. The most awesome guy we know is Lars Monsen (Norwegian equivalent of Steve Irwin). He lives the life he wants to, and he radiates youth and awesomeness.  We really admire him for that, and we wish to live our lives with the same attitude. 

«Ung / Rå» is the first of a series of singles to be released on Rohdos Records in the near future. It is recorded and mixed by Jonas Rohde-Moe at Rohdos Studios and masterd by Magnus Guldbrandsen at Jelöy Sound. Out everywhere June 4th.