Din Moris - Syden

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Din Moris are ready with the very first single from their upcoming debut EP. Their last single «TV» was playlisted by NRK P3, and the very same radio station named the band as «one to watch» in 2021. The wait is over, and «Syden» is due August 6th.


«Syden» is a catchy and fun piece of Indie Pop, inspired by the likes of Big Thief and Phoebe Bridgers. However, despite its feelgoodness, it brings up a serious and even unpleasant topic: The band enters a self-critical perspective and describes the tendency many of us have to quickly scroll past the imagery and stories from the refugee camps, all while distracting ourselves and fleeing from the reality. «Syden» is a catchy recognition of the way too skewed distribution in the world, and the responsibility that lies in being born with a silver spoon.


Din Moris is the sound of being young, fearless and in love. The members are Synnøve Gustavsen Ovrid, Simen Skrebergene, Markus Sørheim Vik and Marius Trøan Hansen. Their debut EP is produced in Rohdos Studio by Andreas Kase, and these are the dates to watch: 


06.08: Syden (single)

03.09: Alt æ e (single)

01.10: EP (title TBC)