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Pelicat is a group of friends that write and play timeless pop music. The four members all serve as producers and musicians for many other artists, and Pelicat is a common playground where they can record their music without any boundaries but from themselves. The result is a strong focus on melodies and a warm vibe, inspired by the likes of Harry Nilsson, George Harrison and other great songwriters of that era. 

Their new power-pop gem «Good Times» is an uptempo yet melancholic song about how we keep forgetting the problems we had when we were younger, and in turn romanticize our childhood years. It has a warm, cool sound and it stands out sonically after a brilliant mix by Øystein Frantzvåg.

The band is currently recording songs without thinking to much about whether it will be an album, EP or just a series of singles, but t hey have lots of new music ready to be released the next months. Pelicat is Andreas Kase (Vocals, guitar), Mads Johansen (Drums), Mattias Krohn Nielsen (guitar), Jonas Rohde-Moe (Bass). They are from Oslo, and they have been a band since 2015.